Huey B

Hewett “Huey B!” Nesmith, is a South Carolina native from the country town of Nesmith. Born in the 80’s, he’s always been a fan of music and ever since he could speak, he’s been singing and rapping! Funny to say, as much as he loved music, he never thought of actually pursuing it until 2006 when he was 18 years old living in the hungry city of Atlanta, Ga. Huey B began his rise in 2006 and is still growing as an artist today — learning more and more about the industry, gaining more and more fans DAILY, and spreading his music and name all over the U.S — and thanks to the world wide web, in the UK as well! “It has been five years running as of 2011,” Huey B said, “And I’m finally seeing the point of opportunity meeting success. I’m gonna continue to push foward and go harder until THE WORLD proclaims me the BEST artist (not just a rapper) that’s ever lived.” Join Huey B and become a fan as he makes his way to the top of the food chain, proclaiming his destiny and dream! #TeamHueyB Huey B can found on Facebook at:, or check his music on Reverb Nation at: