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Doe Stacks Hemingway, SC

Doe Stacks ImageWhat’s good folks?  I started this site to bring you some of the hottest artist in SC, and I intend to do just that.  Meet Doe Stacks of Hemingway, S.C. I did an interview with him, via email, and it is posted below.  His contact information will be listed at the end of the interview.  Enjoy and share. Thank you for visiting.

1) What’s up Doe? How’s everything?

Coolin mane, no complaints!

2) Tell everyone a little about yourself — where are you from, how old you are, and how and when did you first recognized your gift. I’m from Hemingway SC. Aka Dopehole USA.

I first realized my gift when I was 12. I was visiting my pops in Brooklyn, like I did most summers, and some dudes were on the block in a cypher — all of them were way older than me. I just was feeling myself that day and stepped into the cypher and bodied everything. First time ever trying. I felt natural so I stuck with it.

3) Speaking of gift, I’ve heard your music back in the day, and noticed then that you had a unique skill-set for reaching your listeners.  Today, I can hear maturity and wisdom in your lyrics, and you still carry that trait to connect and move people.  You have managed to keep it hood, streets and at the same time, send a strong message.  What are your influencers, i.e. what moves you to speak what you speak?

It’s just a natural thing, I don’t force anything with the music I do whatever the beat asks me to do, and I’m capable of that because I stay true to myself. I’m influenced by only the greats — Big, Jay, Scarface, Beans as far as hip hop goes, but my musical pallets span was farther than hip hop. GOOD MUSIC IS GOOD. Real life experience influence my music 100%, that’s why folks relate to me, I don’t sell them dreams I give it to them raw.

4) Are you currently making any moves outside the local areas to market and brand yourself (like touring or just catching open mics in different cities and states, for example)?  Yea, I’m doing a whole lot of networking in and outside of S.C.

I’ve got a LARGE family so I’ve been blessed to meet with some great people.

5) Do you have a crew, or label, or anyone you’re recruiting to come up in this game?

Nah, not really too much of a crew. Anybody you see with me is usually fam, like Dat Boy Rich or Meltrackz or Young Playboy.

6) Would you like to go commercial or stay underground?  If you go commercial, do you think industry giants will try to dictate the content you write, and if so, how will you deal with it?  Will you let them control you to that extent or would you refuse and remain free to your expression — even if the risk was possibly losing the deal?

Nowadays, I feel like there really is no commercial or underground. Hip Hop is so spread out Til u will be exploited in some way, so it really doesn’t matter to me.  I’m one of those artists that are grounded so I never get to high/low.  A deal is something like slavery right now, so I’d rather partner with a label than sign to them.

7) What’s your opinion on being a role model and pointing our youth in the right direction?  If you see a child making a mistake that you have made and learned from, would you take the time to tell them better?

As far as a role model, I fell like we should lead by example. These kids are smart nowadays, so our actions speak louder than our words to them.  I usually go outta my way to inspire the youth to take the right path and notable the mistakes I did.  Even though experience is the best teacher u still don’t wanna see them make your old mistakes.

8) A lot of rap artists have this tunnel vision of getting a record deal and being set for life, but this is a business and in order for a business to sustain, it must, eventually, evolve.  Have you set any business goals that will crossover after you have made your run in the rap game?  If so, briefly tell us about it.

A deal is just that, A DEAL, once you sign those papers you are in debt, and if you don’t have good spending habits or are educated on how net really works you’re setting yourself up. I have a few ventures I’m into.  I co-own Trumission Kennels, and I’m still ghostwriting. It’s a passion of mines. I love to write it’s really where the money’s at.

7) Finally, tell everyone where you and your works can be found online and also how to contact you for booking.






9) Is there anything that you would like add before we end this conversation?

I’d just like to tell everybody to keep God first, chase your dreams, stay positive and find what makes you happy in life and try to make it work for you and your career.
“Thanks for your time and be blessed in all your endeavors”.

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