Interview With Kevin (Big Kev) Hemingway

What’s up everyone? A week or so ago, I was able to land an interview with one of Georgetown, SC’s hottest producers, Kevin Hemingway. If you’re from the Georgetown, Horry County, or surrounding areas, you most likely have heard of him and probably even banged some of his beats while some dope MC was spittin over them. Anyway, I was curious to know a few things about Kev and how he felt on certain issue, so he hooked me up with an interview, via inbox. Check it below, and thanks for droppin in. Kevin Hemingway

1) What’s up Kev? Let’s start out by telling everyone where you’re from and what you do. I was raised in a small town called Georgetown that sits in between Charleston and Myrtle Beach. I’m a producer/engineer.
2) How has 2012 been for you? 2012 has been pretty good. I’ve produced for numerous artist and ventured into videos.
3) How long have you been in the game, and what influenced you in the beginning? I’ve been in the industry for at least 10 years. In the beginning I was focused on getting artists from my area heard and wasn’t really focused on my craft. Now it’s all about me getting my beats sold!
4) Over the years, being a producer, I know that you have seen artist’s come and go. Some artists have a burning passion to express themselves and do a great job at it. On the other hand, some have that same passion, but just don’t resonate at all. What advice would you give artists to help them see and hear their true voice and become the best they were meant to be? My advice to the artist is be yourself ..stop trying to sound like everything you hear on the radio and see on t.v..create your own sound be original and set trends..
5) What you got cookin up for 2013… new artists, deals, etc? Aww man, 2013 is looking good already. I’m doing a mixtape series called “I am not a dj” I will have all the exclusive music mixed with the hottest unheard artist. I also partnered up with allied arts where you can get professional videos, studio time, photo shoots etc. So 2013 is going to be very prosperous.
6) Are there any shout-outs or anything you’d like to add? Yeah, I’m shouting out you PHILL for always being a good dude man. We’ve worked together for years and you always kept it 100! Shout out to the allied arts family and all the artists I’ve worked with throughout the years and the new artist that’s coming up …free my Lil BRO Buddah we still got work to do!
7) Thank you Kev… Tell everyone how to reach and follow you. U can follow Me on twitter @biggkev843 email me for beats or studio services at