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Original.  You may not have heard of him yet, but check this —-Birthed and brought up in Myrtle Beach, SC – Precise is a missing link to Hip Hop — A triple threat making beats, writing lyrics and hooks; Since 12 he knew he had a connection with music without ever having lessons or going to college.   A multidimensional artist getting respect from the burbs to the streets. 

Of coarse the obvious comparison people make is that he’s trying to be like “Eminem” but little does the public know he has been working on his craft for quite a while, incorporating his own original style and unique flavor to the game.  Never before, never again, love it or hate it, he’s an all around, futuristic lyricist with a realistic message!  Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @PreciseDiff


Check Precise’s Music at Reverbnation, beats at Soundcloud, and videos on Youtube.


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