“What Has Savion Been Up To Since School Started”

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“What Has Savion Been Up To Since School Started”

It has been a few weeks since Lil Savion has virally blown the internet with her hit song “Don’t Make Me Snap My Fingers” — people have been inquiring about what she’s been up to lately, so finally, I was able to do a brief interview with her mother.  Below are the questions, along with her mother’s answers, that I’ve asked for you guys.

1) Now that classes are in session, what is Savion doing as far as her music goes?  Savion is still into her music.  She just recently finished a Gospel Rap song called “God Is Good”.   Is she still writing?  Yes, Lil Savion is still writing songs.  She has a notebook full of ideas in place.

2) Is she involved in any extra curricular activities after school?  Savion is enrolled in Basketball where her position is Defense.  This will be her 5th year playing Basketball.  It is funny to say Savion even played Flag Football 3 years ago.  How are the grades looking?  The grades are looking terrific — so far this year Savion has all A’s and B’s.

3) How is she feeling about the progress that she has made in such a short period of time with her music?  Savion has been real, excited and more motivated than ever.  This has given her the will power to make more music and really believe in what she loves.

4) Is she still motivated from the negativity that she continues to receive from some of her viewers?  The negativity seems to make Savion fight more at pursuing her dreams.  The negativity gave her the idea for her song, “I Love My Haters”

5) Does she have any short-term goals concerning her music in the near future?  Savion’s short-term goals are to try to make it big. Savion wants to be on Ellen’s show to let the world know how racism is still out there — how people are still cyber bulling.  Savion feels it is very important to get the word out to children; “Pursue your dreams no matter what negativity make come forth to you”.   What can we expect?  You can expect a television commercial soon along with some new music within the next few weeks.

6) Is there anything that she would like to add or say to her fans, or even her haters, at this time?  Savion would like to Thank all of her Fans for the positive support and love, and she will try her best to make music they will continue to enjoy. To all of her Haters, Savion would like to Truly Thank You because if it wasnt for them the video would have never went Viral.